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How it works

Try one of the example referral programs below.

SaaS referral program

Automagically enter customers into your referral program when they subscribe to your membership site or SaaS product.

See it in action

88,068 referrals in only 15-days

“Utilizing the iRefer platform and working with the iRefer team was a great experience, they provided exceptional customer service and results, with fast turn around times in pivotal moments in our project. If you want a referral program that works, backed by exceptional support, we recommend iRefer!”

Amber Terrasas
COO, FreeRange ICO

Install on your favorite platform

Just copy and paste one line of code into your website. Or use our WordPress plugin. You don’t need a developer!

…and many other platforms.

All plans include all features

Unlimited Campaigns

Create an unlimited number of referral campaigns.

Pre-Built Templates

Our pre-built referral templates will help you quickly and easily launch your campaign.

Zapier Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use. No coding required.

Run on Your Own Domain

Run your referral campaigns on your own domain names.

Powerful APIs

Use our APIs to interact directly with your campaign from inside your web application or website.

Customized Rewards

Reward both the referrer and the referred person. Send coupon codes.

Guided Onboarding

Leave the guess work out and get your referral campaign up and running in the shortest possible time.

Use Your Own Forms

Easily integrate with your own web forms with a few lines of code.

Test Before You Launch

We give you the tools to test before launching to the public.

Campaign CSV Export

Easily export all of your campaign participants as a CSV file.

Customized Emails

Choose what emails to send (Welcome, Progress and Rewards), and customize as per your requirements.

Import Existing Customers

Give your existing customers a unique referral link by importing them into iRefer.

Go Viral with Social

Make your campaigns go viral. Allow users to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and others.

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud detection will work for you 24/7 and flag anyone trying to game the system.

All Integrations

Get access to all of our integrations including MailChimp, Slack and Zapier.

All Campaign Entry Forms

All styles of opt-in forms are included.

In Any Language

Run your campaign in the language of your choice. We make it easy to translate any part.

Detailed Reports

Get access to all your analytics and reports and see how your campaigns are performing.

Connect with the tools you love

Seamlessly integrate with 1,000’s of tools you already use. No coding required.