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Google, Dropbox and Uber all use referral marketing to get more customers. Whats stopping you?


iRefer automates the referral tracking and rewards process for your business.


Easily set-up your first referral campaign in as little as 10 minutes.

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Turn your customers into your best marketers

Build brand loyalty and cultivate customer advocacy with a refer-a-friend program.


  • Referred customers have a longer lifetime value.
  • Customers that come in through referrals are 4-5x more likely to refer another friend.
  • Referrals will help reduce your investments in other sales activities.

Go live with a referral campaign in as little as 10 minutes


1. Sign up

No credit card required for sign up. We offer 14-day free trial as well as a Free Forever plan.

2. Create campaign

Our step-by-step wizard will guide you through setting up your referral campaign.

3. Install

Just copy and paste one line of code into your website.

4. Track results

Our real-time reports will track each part of your referral program.

Referral solutions

The Classic Referral

Reward both the sender and the receiver.

The Milestone Referral

Gamify your program with milestones.

The eCommerce Referral

Reward your advocates with coupons.

The SaaS Referral

Drive customer growth to your SaaS product.

Install on your favorite platform

Just copy and paste one line of code into your website. Or use our WordPress plugin. You don’t need a developer!

…and many other platforms.

Connects with the tools you love

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use. No coding required.