People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend

Referrals have and always will be the most effective growth engine for your product or service. Companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb and Uber have become household names because they knew how to leverage referral marketing. 

iRefer can be used to create

Classic Refer-a-Friend

Reward your participants with goodies when they refer a friend (e.g. swag, ebook).

Milestone Referrals

Reward your participants with different prizes as they refer more friends.

eCommerce referrals

Reward your participants with coupons when they refer friends who purchase from your store.

Product Launches

Allow your visitors to join your waiting list for early access and pre-launch exclusives!

Ambassador Programs

Reward your participants for inviting friends that do a specific action on your site (e.g purchase or register).

Influencer Marketing

Reward influencers and bloggers who encourage their followers to user your products or services.


Enroll your existing customers or ask site visitors to sign up to your referral program with our customizable sign-up forms.


We make it easy for your participants to share their unique referral link with their friends across social media and email.


With our built-in marketing automation, iRefer automatically tracks and motivates your participants to their next goal, each time they refer.


We’ll automatically send your participant their reward email each time they reach one of your goals. You can also include unique vouchers codes, perfect for your e-commerce store.

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Easy to install on any website

Just copy and paste 1 line of code into your website. You don’t need to be a developer!

More great features

Full Automation

Automated referral tracking, email notification including enrolment and rewards. Get a daily/weekly campaign report sent to your inbox.

Timing is Everything

Trigger your campaigns to display to your visitors on arrival, on exit, delayed timing and on scroll.

Exit Intent

Use special offers to convert abandoning visitors to leads, sales and signups before they leave your page.

Social Sharing

We make it quick and easy for your referrers to share their referral link through different channels.

Identify Influencers

Identify and reward your top influencers to make the most of their networks.

Automated Alerts

We send automated alert emails that motivate your visitors to their next goal.

Spam Prevention

Fraud prevention is built right into your referral campaign. We’ll notify you of entries that might be trying to cheat.

Multiple Languages

Create your campaign in any language. You can translate any part of the campaign into your own language.

Export Data

Export your referral campaign data to MailChimp, Aweber or download a CSV file.