Customer referral campaign workflow

1. Launch your referral campaign

Sign up and design your referral campaign. Install it on your website. You can also import your existing customers into your campaign.

2. Your visitors see your campaign

Visiting customers on your website will see your referral campaign sign-up form. After signing up, each customer gets a unique referral link to share with friends and family across social media and email.

3. Customers refer their friends

Your customers spread the word about you through social media or emails to their circle using the unique referral link.

4. We automatically track your referrals

When a friend clicks on the referral link and completes your goal, our technology will track the conversion and attribute the referral back to the original referrer.

5. …and trigger rewards

We automatically notify your referrers about their milestones and rewards using your campaign email templates.

6. …and motivate customers to their next goal

iRefer will automatically track and motivate your customers to their next goal each time they make a referral.