Customize your referral popup and new rewards report added

17th July, 2018
By Pete Roberts

Customize the welcome popup/widget

Thanks for your feedback on this feature. You can now customize with CSS the design of the welcome popup/widget that is shown after someone signs up to your referral campaign.

Click here to see a tutorial on how to add your custom CSS along with some examples of the different parts you can change. Even if you don’t know CSS, you can change these variables as shown! 🙂

Referrals rewards report

We’ve added a new report called “Rewards won” to your campaigns. This allows you to view what rewards have been sent from your campaign and to whom.

We’ll be creating a new Zapier template soon so that you can get a notification to your app of choice, each time someone in your campaign has earned a reward for a referral. You can already set up such an alert through slack. Click here to see how.

Get more customers 🙂

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