4 new updates, including double-sided referral rewards on specific action

9th July, 2018
By Pete Roberts

Double-Sided Reward for a Specific action

Many of you have been asking for this update. Now you can reward both the referrer and the referred person when they complete a specific action in your campaign. Such as, purchasing a product or registering on your website or SaaS product.

By default, the referred person email is not captured when someone completes the specific action on your website, but this can be quickly set up.

Click here to view our how-to guide.

New email share options

New email share options have been added to the Popup and embedded share widget a user sees after signing up for your referral campaign. When they click on the Email share icon, a new set of icons will appear underneath – Gmail / Yahoo / Outlook / AOL / Mail Client

For example, if you use Gmail, click on the Gmail icon will open the Gmail compose window in your browser.

Use your own forms to sign people up to your referral campaign

Here are two great use cases:

1.  The show them their referral link on your Thank You page and automatically send a welcome email with their referral link.Automatically enter someone into your referral campaign after they have purchased your product or registered on your website.

Click here to see our how-to guide and workflow.

2. Use your sign-up forms to register people into your referral program through your sign-up form and re-direct them to their referral link on your Thank You page.

Click here to see our how-to guide and workflow.

Display the “referrers” email

You can now insert the referrers email address using this tag {referrer_email} into the reward email sent to the referred friends when using the double-sided reward.
For example, “Hey Tom, claire@xyz.com referred you, here’s your reward..”

Get more customers 🙂

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