GDPR and other great updates

Release notes – Week ending 19 May, 2018
By Pete Roberts

In preparation for the new GDPR law that comes into effect across Europe on the 25th of May, we have made a few updates to iRefer.

New ?

Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy which can be found here.

User Consent

We’ve added a new consent field to our inline style forms that will allow you to show a checkbox to ask for consent. If active, then the user must check the box before they can submit your form and join your referral campaign. You can enter your consent CTA and create a hyperlink to any URL to show your full terms and conditions.

Our database will keep a record that the user gave consent (date/time) when submitting this form to join your referral campaign.

Email Share

People signing up for your campaign will no longer be able to use our form to enter their friend’s email addresses to send out invites. This form has been removed and instead, we now use the “mailto:” functionality which opens their default email client to send emails.

Campaign Customization

Three new options have been added to allow you to customize your campaign even further. They can be found in your campaign page Initial Setup > Advanced Options

Send welcome email
Choose whether a welcome email is sent to new campaign participants. You may want to turn this off if you are using our Zapier connection to export new campaign participants to your Email Service Provider to send your welcome and drip follow-up emails.

We also provide a service where we can import your existing database of users (as a CSV file) into your campaign. You can then export using Zapier or manually as a CSV file, to your mail client or ESP.

Show rewards summary
Hide whether the reward summary is shown on the welcome popup and all campaign emails. You may wish to hide this if you are using our reward type “same reward / each time.”

Using right-to-left language
If you’re using right-to-left text, we’ve now made it easy for you to format the text for all campaign emails.

General UI improvements

We’ve made some small improvements to the user interface and added additional help links within the iRefer application.

Get more customers 🙂

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