How FreeRange got 88,068 new referrals in only 15-days

“Utilizing the iRefer platform and working with the iRefer team was a great experience, they provided exceptional customer service and results, with fast turn around times in pivotal moments in our project. If you want a referral program that works, backed by exceptional support, we recommend iRefer!”
Amber Terrasas
COO, FreeRange ICO


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FreeRange, a startup based in Albuquerque, decided to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to create a digital platform that solved pain points for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and startups in processing transactions and doing business with contractors and consultants.

FreeRange wanted their users to sign-up, and beta test their app when it launched and in return receive 200 airdrop EGGTokens and another 100 for each person they referred.

“We wanted to implement a referral program for our ICO launch without writing any code. It needed to handle everything from campaign creation (setting rewards, welcome emails, share options, etc.) to the signup process to become a referrer, to the creation of the referral links, to the tracking involved in monitoring the campaign.”

Using the iRefer custom goal referral program, the team at FreeRange launched their referral campaign to the 100 members in their telegram group. As they signed up, referrers were given their unique referral link to share. The more they referred, the more EGGTokens they would receive.

The referral campaign was a huge success and vital in creating exponential growth and within two weeks had collected 100,000 new beta testers to their app without overspending on ineffective acquisition channels.