New referral program templates and a slack update

Release notes – Week ending February 2, 2018
By Pete Roberts



New slack notification
We’ve updated our slack integration; in addition to getting notified of each new user that signs up for your campaign, you will also receive a notification each time a referrer achieves your referral goal. This notification will show the person’s name, email and their reward. This is great if you need to send them their reward manually and saves you from having to log in to your account to check their progress regularly.

To connect iRefer to your Slack channel, just log in to your iRefer account and go to Dashboard > Setting > Integrations

Detailed instructions can be found here:

Easier campaign setup
It’s now even easier and quicker to setup your referral campaign. When you create a new campaign, you will be given a choice to choose from one of our templates which have been inspired by great companies like Amazon, Uber and Harry’s. The settings for each template have already been optimized for you, which you can edit any part to suit your own needs.

Referral Program Templates

New sign-up forms
Four new designs for our sign-up forms have been added.

Referral Sign-up Forms

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