Display a leaderboard to your referral program participants

25th July, 2018
By Pete Roberts

Referral leaderboard

You can now display a leaderboard in the referral widget that is shown as a popup or embedded into your page after someone signs up to your referral campaign.

We were getting feedback that some people did not see the “Sharing” and “Reward” buttons at the bottom of this widget. As you can see from this updated design, we have moved them to the top of the widget to be more visible.

It’s valuable feedback like this that helps us improve iRefer for you, so please tell us more, we would love to hear from you! 🙂

Click here to see how to display this in your referral program.


We were also getting reports that for some people our sign-up forms and the popup widget after sign-up were slow to load. We have optimized these and now the load time should be much better for you.

Get more customers 🙂

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