Customer Referral Programs for subscription websites and SaaS services

Do you need to quickly integrate a customer referral program into your SaaS product or subscription website but your development team is too busy?

With iRefer, you can now embed a powerful referral program easily with just a few lines of code in under an hour.

User register through your forms

A user creates an account on your website or SaaS product through your own registration form. They are automagically added to your referral program.

Embed a referral widget in your page

Add a new Refer-a-Friend page to your website or SaaS product and with one line of code embed our referral widget. Your logged in customers will see their unique referral link which they can easily share with friends right away.

Promote your referral program

Keep your referral program top of mind to your users each time they log in to their account by making it visible with a “Refer to Win” or “Refer a friend” button that can always be seen.

Run a monthly leaderboard

Want to run a monthly Leaderboard giveaway for all your subscribers? The more friends they refer, the higher they climb up the leaderboard. Choose whether to reward the top referrer for that month only or better still give different prizes based on the number of people they referred.

You could giveaway company swag, discount coupons, or even your product for free. The possibilities are endless.

For detailed instruction on how to integrate iRefer with your SaaS product or subscription website view our help guide: Customer Referral Programs for websites and SaaS Subscription Services


Need even more customization?

Create the next viral referral system on top of our infrastructure with our powerful APIs.
For documentation and to try out our APIs, please get in touch.