Drive customer growth and increase your revenue

Reward existing customers with subscription discounts, company swag and much more when they refer a friend or colleague to your SaaS product.

Import existing customers

Easily import a CSV file of your existing SaaS customers into your referral program.

Refer a friend and get 1 month free

Our software will automatically send a welcome email to all of your imported customers, giving each person their unique referral link to share.

You can add your own text, images, change colors or use custom HTML.

Easy for your customers to refer

Each customer is given a unique referral link they can easily share via social media, email or by copy and pasting.

Customize your sharing message

Add text and images to the messages sent when your customers share their referral link through social media and email.

How this reward is triggered

iRefer automatically tracks the referred person from your marketing site ( through to creating a trial account or purchasing a plan for your SaaS product (


Full Automation

Automated referral tracking, email notification including enrollment and rewards.

In Any Language

Translate all parts of your campaign into the language of your choice.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is built right into your referral campaign. We’ll notify you of entries that might be trying to cheat.

Detailed Reports

View detailed reports of your campaign in real time. See who referred who and identify your top influencers.

Classic Referrals

Reward both sender and the receiver.

Milestone Referrals

Gamify your program with milestones.

eCommerce Referrals

Reward your advocates with coupons.