Viral referral program

Build virality into your product just like Uber, Dropbox and Airbnb did and accelerate your growth with a refer-a-friend program.

Seamless integration

Embed our signup form into your web page. Style it to match your brand and include up to seven fields.

Personalized referral link

Each person who joins your referral program gets a unique personalized referral link which includes their name.

Personalized welcome message

Increase conversion by showing a personal welcome message to the referred person who visits your website.

Refer-a-friend widget

Our embed widget allows participants to quickly access their unique referral link and view their stats and rewards.

Automatic tracking and rewards

When your customers share their link across multiple channels, our platform automatically tracks and rewards them for referrals.

Actionable insights into your campaign

Get a detailed view of how your campaign is performing. See which channels are producing the most shares, what devices participants are sharing through.

Guided and personalized onboarding

Save time, take away the guesswork and get priority support from our team who will help you with every aspect of your referral program from an initial conversation to launch.

In most cases, we recommend our $99 Light onboarding package for our “off the shelf” referral solution.